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Pasherooni, pasherooni!

on March 17, 2015

Some say kiss, snog, lip lock, I call it ‘going the pash.’ And I, like most of us I assume, love a good pash!!

However, the first time you pash someone isn’t usually the fireworks scene depicted in movies. If it is, well done! You’ve hooked yourself a good one!

Over the first few dates, if your pash session doesn’t become toe curling, you’d better start asking yourself what you see in this guy!

Whether he’s around foLipsr a week or a lifetime, chances are you’re going to spend considerable time kissing, and if it isn’t great, then give him his marching orders quick smart! When it comes down to it, it really is in his kiss (that’s where it is!)

The first time I saw Nathan I thought, “wow, what a hottie!” At a minimum I knew I wanted to pash him.  Our first date went well and by the time we kissed we were in a frenzy! But then, not so much. We had completely different kissing styles. It was a shame because we were clearly attracted to each other. We went out a few more times and it was only the kissing that let us down. (well, it let me down anyway!)

About 2 weeks in, Nathan rang me and said it was over. After the initial shock wore off, I had to admit it to myself that he was right, although we got along really well (and we remained friends for ages) this kissing thing was an issue. I took it to be a symptom of future problems: if it’s not passionate, comfortable and co-ordinated, chances are other things will be a stretch too!

So, if after a couple of dates, or kisses, whichever the case may be, you’re still figuring out how to kiss each other, stop kissing!! It isn’t going anywhere good.

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Xx Kit

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  1. Marie-Louise says:

    I do love a good kiss now and then!

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