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A little on shyness

on July 27, 2016

People don’t believe I’m shy and that I feel awkward a lot of the time, because I’m loud and talkative and friendly. They confuse friendliness with confidence. But that’s so much different from putting myself out there. I have feelings and I get embarrassed too. It’s not easy. Even doing this blog and sharing my feelings with the world is crazy scary!27.07.16b

If people were to cast their mind back to our first meeting (or first few), they might recall how awkward my behaviour was compared with how comfy I am with them these days.

No doubt I was funny, but that masked my insecurities, as it’s my go- to place for getting myself past the opening stages of a friendship or relationship. (Plus, I’m pretty funny anyway!)

Day to day, I feel very awkward. I try to push myself and get out there more, in terms of talking to guys. Sometimes I have the b27.07.16enefit of alcohol. Oh yes, it’s my friend. When I don’t have it, I take smaller steps and just try to talk to random people on a regular basis. If I’m in a clothes shop, I’ll compliment someone on what they’re trying on. My hope is that the more I do it, the more comfortable I’ll get with it and soon I’ll be approaching guys I’m interested in with much more ease. Awkward is yuck and I either want to avoid it or conquer it. And you know, you don’t get if you don’t ask.

So if this is you too, get out there and start a random conversation with someone, even if it’s short lived. And if you feel good afterwards, do it again with someone else!

Overcome awkward, and let’s get what we want from life.

Xx Kit


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