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Getting me hot and cold: boyfriends and winter in Melbourne

on July 20, 2016

It’s winter in Melbourne, and of course, it’s our version of freezing. That doesn’t mean we’re metres deep in snow, or anything like that, but it does get frosty and icy. Recently though, there has been sn20.07.16aow within an hour or so from the CBD and that’s been pretty bloody unusual!

All this cold weather has had us all talking about warm clothes, including my favourite old winter coat.

Approximately 20 years ago, the boyfriend I had at the time introduced me to NRL. For those who aren’t familiar, that’s the National Rugby League. It’s a sport where teams of men band together and try to get a ball from one end of the field to another while constantly throwing it backwards. It defies logic, but 20.07.16bit’s a game of strategy. It’s highly entertaining, what with the music and cheerleaders, and players who look like this guy. Let me introduce my Melbourne Storm boyfriend, Cooper Cronk. Groooowwww, hey? Of course, he’s not really my boyfriend, that’s not the point of this story. But he is my fave, and he very kindly posed with me for this pic, a couple of years ago after a game. His hair’s still wet from his post match shower. Divine, right?

Anyhoo, I went along to a few matches with my boyfriend and his mates. I learned to like the game, but mostly it was about the camaraderie between these guys, and also of the guys who were down on the pitch. It’s played over winter, so many a cold afternoon or evening was spent eating hot donuts, pies, drinking hot chocolate, and perving on hot young players. Course, that was me- and Cooper hadn’t even joined the Storm yet! The guys drank copious amounts of beer and didn’t give a crap how good looking any of the players were.

The season ended, and along came my birthday. Much to my surprise, my boyfriend gave me the home and away jersies for the Storm. WTF? He said that because I’d been enjoying the matches so much, I should have the gear. Really? Why the hell would I want to wear oversized footy tops that make me look like a man? No thanks. So I went cold on that gift pretty quickly.

Thankfully, instead of buying the tops at a sports store, he’d bought them from one of our big department stores. And thus, I broke my boyfriend’s heart and took the jersies back to Myer, and exchanged them for my amazing winter coat which I still have and adore to this very day. It’s looking a bit worse for wear, and doesn’t fit me as well as it did back then, but I’d much rather have that coat, and a good story, than those man clothes. I’ll leave those to the likes of Cooper, who have the body for them anyway.  Besides, mine keeps me warm but they’re hot enough already.

Xx Kit

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