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Two’s company- Holiday for One tales

on January 14, 2017

I mentioned in “Table for One? Holiday for One” that in the weeks before my Cairns trip, I’d created a profile on an online dating site, to see if I could find anyone to hang out with and who could show me the sights a tourist wouldn’t usually get to see.

One guy who was particularly interested and willing to give me advice and chat, was Steve. He’d been really friendly in the leadup, and seemed nice. He wasn’t sleazy and asking if we’d shag, like lots of guys had.

In fact, that was one way I weeded people out. I’d been pretty clear in my description, and hadn’t mentioned anything like that. I talked about seeing the sights, and posed that if there was a particular restaurant that they’d wanted to go to but had no one to go with- that I might be willing. I figured that way we’d all win- I’d see a different restaurant that I, too, wouldn’t go to on my own, and they’d get gre13-01-17bat company, and to go there also.

Steve gave me lots of tips on where to go and what to do. He was super handy and we continued to text while I was on my work trip.

On the Sunday, once the last of my colleagues had headed back to Melbs, and I’d moved hotels (more on that later), it was time to meet.

We arranged to meet at a pool place called Downunder Pool Bar Cafe. It was a super hot night, and I was definitely keen for a few drinks to cool me down, and some fun. Steve said this place was where lots of locals hung out, so that was fine by me. I got there first, and ordered a drink and hung around. They had a Pac Man machine!! I didn’t play, but I was so happy to see it. Talk about stepping back in time.

Then he arrived and we started playing pool. He’s a super nerdy type, all elbows and ET fingers, but he was also super clever and funny. He was a lot more physical than I’d have expected, and frankly, I’m a bit hands off, especially to begin with.

While we played, we drank. And as we drank, we laughed, and I perved on those around me. We began playing a game of trying to pick who was local and who wasn’t. Basically, anyone in thongs was local, he said. Yeah, well, it’s true that the locals don’t care to dress up in Cairns (thus, voiding a lot of the outfits in my luggage), but you only have to be there 5 min13-01-17dutes to realise that, and so you also abandon any other shoes, and just wear thongs. So it wasn’t quite as easy as it might have seemed! Plus, it’s not like we asked any of them!

At one stage, while Steve was at the bar ordering us drinks, I got chatting to the guys on the table next to us. Several of them were delish! They were up from Brisbane for a soccer tournament, and they’d won. Well well! They were easily in their 40s or 50s, so it might have been a veterans thing, but they seemed like they were having a blast, though they admitted that their bodies weren’t holding up to having to play so many games in the one weekend. We chatted and flirted a little, and then they limped out of there. Poor guys, but happy!

After a while we realised we were hungry, so we ordered from the bar menu. There was a limited selection on offer, so we ordered pizza. I swear this was the strangest pizza I’ve ever had. Remember in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, where the turkey is so overcooked that there’s no meat, and Clark is there crunching away on the carcass? That’s how it seemed. It was just a meatlovers, but it was so crunchy, and we seriously couldn’t identify half the toppings on it. Yuck. Imagine:

We left the ba13-01-17cr and realised we’d also left the airconditioning comfort behind, so we decided to get some drinks and head back to my hotel room.

Now, I haven’t had a holiday in forever, and have never been on my own, so I was determined to make the best of it, if I could. This guy was sweet, cute, and a true gentleman. So I felt totally comfortable having him back at my room. Whether I’d shag him was a whole different story.

When we got there, Steve and I watched some telly and chatted. Yeah, he’s awkward alright. But then, the pool playing and the run I’d done that morning came back to haunt me, and within minutes I was on the bed writhing in pain. My bloody back had gone!! You wouldn’t believe it.

I have a back issue, so haven’t been able to run for months. While in all that pain, I regretted pounding the pavement that morning. There I was thinking I’d buggered up my holiday by running. I immediately got down onto the floor and did my exercises. They’re not the sort of thing I usually do in front of anyone, apart from my cats. But I had to do them, and he didn’t care- not that it mattered to me in that moment.

But he was good about it. He was patient, and sweet and most of all, concerned. I made my way back to the bed and tried to breathe through the pain I was still experiencing. This, of course, provided him with the perfect segue to cuddle me and comfort me. And, as they say in the movies, one thing led to another…. And what do you know, all his awkwardness disappeared in a flash and shagging turns out to be a great way to fix my back!

So it turns out I was happy to shag him. Lucky me!

Xx Kit

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