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Open minded and up for anything

on February 26, 2017

There used to be a time when I would mentally cast aside a guy who had done anything sexually with another guy, but now it’s more unlikely that a guy hasn’t! It doesn’t mean they’re gay (though I guess in some cases it might be a try before you buy sitch), it means they’re willing to try anything, open minded, living out their fantasies.

I remember when I was talking to a guy who was a model. Kyle told me that a guy had wanked him at a photo shoot. I didn’t think much of it, especially as I never thought we’d get together or anything like that (we never even met), but I remember thinking, well why not? He should be able to do what he wants to do. It was safe, no issues, and both of them were happy to do it.

We chatted on the phone a few times and even though he said he’s dead against doing things with guys (not sure if he remembers telling me about the hand job) he’s obviously willing to ‘play act’ it when he’s working. He even said to me that he’s told a blow job is no different if given by a guy or a girl. I couldn’t believe that, because I reckon a guy would have a better idea of what’s perfect and what’s not, what works on them and how they like it, and therefore they’d do that to another guy. But that was his opinion, and I can be wrong, on account of not having a dick.

Either way, there are an awful lot of guys on online dating sites who are willing to put ‘open minded’ on their profiles when it asks for their sexuality status. Good for them I guess. And I suppose it shows that they’re willing to have a threesome (or more) when asked also, so they increase their chances.26-02-17

One guy, Gareth, has it on his and wants to meet me. But, despite my views re: Kyle above, I’m not that keen to meet him.

Guys I’ve shagged, and those I’ve known, are a lot more willing to impart info on their sexual history and accomplishments. I remember one guy bragging that he’d tasted a guy’s cum, as when he was younger he had heaps of threesomes. Well, I think it’s only reasonable in a threesome with two guys to expect them to get amongst it with each other as much as with me- well, maybe not as much!!  But why not play around a little?

And yet, the thought of doing anything with Gareth (not that I would at this stage anyway) turns me off entirely. It’s not like everything has to be labelled. If I had a threesome with a guy and a girl, it doesn’t make me a lesbian, but it’s not something I’ve much considered. I don’t have a good vibe anyway and he’s a bit too keen to get together (somewhat typical of that particular site) but the guy thing really is at the back of my mind when I think of him. So, no deal.

Xx Kit

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