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Man Flu Season: a message to men

on June 27, 2017

It’s flu season in Australia and this can make getting to know someone a bit difficult.

What’s with those men who vanish the minute they get a sniffle? You know the ones; they’re the guys who disappear and then show up a week later and *cough cough*, he had the flu.

Honestly, I don’t get the whole man flu business. I think it’s a shitful excuse for some men to go off the grid, date someone else, or just have time to themselves while they figure out whatever it is that’s in their head. If you want that time, just say so. And if it’s not that, and you’re genuinely sick, be honest about it.

When you text work to say you won’t be in, send a quick text to the woman in your life and let her know that you’re not well and will be quiet for a few days.

Online dating, and real life dating, can be thwarted by a guy with a cold or a flu. One minute he’s texting a woman and they’re getting to know each other, and then he’s gone.

Then, a week or so later, what do you know, he’s back! I know that some guys really can’t cope with being sick, and take themselves off to their dungeon like a dying dog, but if you’re starting a relationship with someone, part of that is learning to communicate with each other and sharing aspects of your life with each other. All you have to say is that you’re crook and just need time to get over it, but you’ll be fine28-06-17 on your own.

If you don’t want to be on your own, you might actually be lucky enough to have met a woman who wants to look after you. Why would you deprive yourself of that, just because you didn’t bother to text? Besides, this is why you’re looking for relationship, so that you have someone who’s there for you, and for whom you’re there.

Don’t expect a woman to wait for you if you’re going to go radio silent for a week or more, especially if it seems uncharacteristic of you. Why should she?

As far as she’s concerned, you’re not interested. If, previously, you were consistent in your texts and correspondence, you suddenly vanishing makes her think all sorts. And, sure, it’s only a few days or a week for you, but for a woman, those few days can feel like a year.

She doesn’t know what to think, and depending on how interested she was, she could imagine anything, from you being sick, cheating on her, or being dead in a ditch.

She’s moved on. She might not have found another guy to talk to or date, but she sure won’t be happy with a guy who leaves her for dead, leaving her hanging for all that time. And, for her own sake, she’s moved on, mentally if nothing else.  So, you’ll get a cold reception when you do text her again, and that’s if she replies at all.

And, if, while you’re sick, she barely even crosses your mind, then you’re not actually interested in her- and you should have told her that already rather than slink off into the night.



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