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Sizzling Sydney and Drunkie Skunkies~ part two.

on June 7, 2017

As I said in Sizzling in Sydney , I’d managed to add an extra night on to a work trip to Sydney, and I was making the most of it by going out and trying to meet people- preferably guys!

Before I went back to the hotel, I decided to just pop into that bar downstairs again, and see if it had kicked up a gear or not.

Well, it had, but there was no dancing or frivolity. It was still just people who were having drinks with mates. For a Friday night, it was pretty dismal, really. Maybe they just have a different type of fun in Sydney?

And it was still bright! 08-06-17Earlier, I’d been to a ‘nightclub’ which was up a heap of stairs. I’d found it online, as there was a Meetup happening there. So, I felt a bit more comfortable going up to an unknown venue when there were people I would ‘know’ there. Plus, from the foot of the stairs I was actually able to see what was going on upstairs, so I felt much better about it.

But, the place was lit like daylight! Every light in the house was on, and I could see everything about everyone! In Melbourne, there’s a degree of, ‘no one will see if my shoes don’t quite go well with this dress,’ but here, everyone could see everything. And it wasn’t pretty. I mean, if I wanted to pick up in broad daylight, I’d just go out during the day!

And, what’s with the pillar in the middle of the dance floor? Is that for when you’re so drunk you can’t stand up but you won’t give up the d-floor? Or maybe a pillar pash? God, watching people pash on in broad daylight is not something I relish. And you couldn’t help but see it in this place!

That wasn’t the only strange thing. There was a Chinese restaurant in there. What the? Friday night during Mardi Gras in Sydney, and the restaurant side was going great guns. The venue was pretty big, and it had a lot of people in it but it was by no means packed out. Yet again. What a trend. Perhaps I was in the ‘wrong’ end of Sydney.

So back at the place next08-06-17b door, I found a spot and sat down on my own, but this time I’d managed to get a table which was in the main part of the room.

After a couple of minutes, I noticed some guys opposite checking me out. One of them was kinda cute so I was vaguely interested.

And, as luck would have it, he was feeling plucky, so he came over to chat. Yay!! Finally someone with a bit of life and chutzpah!

We talked a little footy, (NRL was on the telly, Go Storm!) and what he was up to with his mates after a long week. And sure enough, he invited me to join them.

This brought up a bit of indecision for me. I’m well keen to be invited to join in, as I’m very up for meeting new people, but I always worry that I won’t get along with them, or won’t like them, and then I’ll have to figure out a way of extricating myself from their little group. And, how do I know when it’s time to leave them to it? So many issues!

But after a minute of worry, I agreed and got up to join the table. His friends were nice, two guys who were younger than him, maybe late 20s, early 30s. The guy who asked me over was easily in his 40s, definitely my kind of age.

I had a lovely chat with the other two guys, but it very quickly became apparent that the guy who’d had the guts to come over to me was actually trying to show off to his mates, and had had more than a belly full of beer along the way. In his attempts to get to know me, he almost immediately went to talking about sex, and that’s not my deal at all.

I’m up for it, and could well have been up for it with him if I’d been at the same drunk point that he was, and we’d met under slightly different circumstances. But bailing me up in front of his mates, and the wife of one, who had arrived at the pub shortly after I’d joined the table, wasn’t going to get him what he wanted.

I tried to laugh it off, and roped in his mates so that I could figure out if this was a joke or really him, and they pretty much confirmed he was a randy guy who was really up for it. Yeah, nah.

If only he knew how close that room was, if only he’d played his cards better. I’m always going to want to be wooed, regardless of how drunk and horny the guy is. I’m me, and I’ll not do things your way, just for the sake of a shag. I want to feel good about it, and taking that horny teenager of a grown man home wouldn’t have felt good. He probably wouldn’t have been able to get it up anyway.

Besides, I was staying in Sydney the extra night because I’d set myself up a meeting in the morning, and there was no way this guy who was becoming less appealing by the minute, was going to cause me to miss it.

So, I packed up my stuff, and headed off to my room to console myself with Cobbs Cheddar Popcorn and glass bottled Coke. But once again, that wasn’t quite the end of the day.

Xx Kit

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