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Snug as a bug in a pub- Kit in the City

on July 1, 2017

I went out recently to PJ O’Brien’s at Southgate in the CBD.

I was out with some friends, and it was a Friday night. I got there later than I’d usually get anywhere and the place was jumping.

It reminded me of all the dates I’ve had there. I’ll have to tell you about some of them but for now, let me tell you how it goes on a Friday night.

On this night, it had been bucketing down, but fortunately it had stopped raining a few minutes before my Uber arrived. The driver had to drop me off around the corner, which is the closest a car can get to the pub. I would have had to wait in the car if it was raining, because there’s no way I was going to walk around in the rain and walk in there looking like a drowned rat.

Instead, I was able to strut into that pub looking dry, and magnificent, as you do when you’re out for a fun night. I’d had a couple of drinks at home, to get me warmed up, and to save money, and they paid off.

I found my friends and 01-07-17bwe ordered a few drinks. Those guys had set up camp at the bar, right in front of the dance floor.

Soon after, one of the guys in the group wanted me to dance. They’d all started drinking long before I did, so they were much more ready than I was, but then a great song came on and I was off!

Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how good the song was, that dance floor was hard work. I wear high heels- not sky scrapers, but heels none the less.

The guy I was dancing with was trying to jive with me, so I had to manoeuvre him to another part of the pub so that we could dance on the smoother floor.

Seriously, the architects of that place didn’t think about people actually using that dance floor. Bricks? On the floor? Mentale!!

Not to mention that the dance floor is tiny, and is squeezed between the bar, and the stage which is also squeezed into a corner.

Of course, being a fully enclosed pub, there’s only so much space. But the band is squished into that corner as though it’s a cave on the side of a cliff.01-07-17

The band which was playing that night, Hey Charger, seemed pretty comfy in there, but apparently they play there regularly. And you know what? They’re really good!! They’re from Geelong, and they come up the highway to knock our socks off. The lead singer, Cailah has an amazing voice and she, along with the guys on guitar, bass and percussion, rocked us all night long.

I had a chat with Cailah later and she’s as fabulous when she’s not singing as when she is. It turns out she’d noticed me on the dance floor as much as I’d noticed her on stage. I really love when women admire each other rather than attack each other. That’s girl power!

Thanks to the music, and despite the conditions underfoot, I was hitting that dance floor hard. We danced together and with other people. Everywhere I turned, I found another guy ready to dance with me. It was a blast!!

I’d had just enough to drink that I was relaxed enough to have a great time. I was a woman who was out, having fun with her friends and meeting people.

At one stage, when I was dancing with one of my friends, he turned around and another guy was there and we danced a little. I’d had my eye on him but he’d been busy talking to lots of women, as I’d been talking to lots of men. We had a bit of a dance and then we were separated.

Later on, I went to the bar and asked for a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote my name and number on that piece of paper and tucked it away into my dress until an opportune moment presented itself.

And, soon enough, I saw him on his own a little later and went over to him. I said I couldn’t stay to chat, and put the piece of paper onto the table next to his drink. He asked what it was, and I said, “it’s my number, and I suggest you use it,” and I walked off.

Later on, as everything was winding down for the pub to close, I was walking across the dance floor and saw that one of my friends and this guy were talking. I walked up and heard my friend thanking him for something. I interjected and asked if they knew each other. My friend said, no but he made us feel really welcome earlier.

I saw that as an opportunity and turned to the cute guy and said, ‘oh, then this is Darryl,” and pointed to my friend, and then said, “but wait, I don’t know your name.” Then he told me, Simon. Slick, eh?! That little trick paid off a few days later, I can tell you!

Darryl wandered off, and Simon and I chatted briefly. He asked me if I was going out with my friends next, and I said, “oh no, I’ll likely be heading home, what about you?” He said, very pointedly, “me too, but I live just around the corner.” “Well,” I said, “that’ll be a lovely short walk for you.” Then he said, “do you want to come?” To which I replied, “who do you think you’re talking to? Have a good night.”

I don’t know if Simon truly thought I’d come with him, but if I’d agreed, he wouldn’t exactly have said he was joking. But under no circumstances would I be willing to go back to the place of a guy I’ve barely even spoken to. I don’t know him! So, that’s a big no.

And I walked off to the toilet, rejoined my friends, and went home- alone. I’d had a great night, danced myself crazy and had a lovely flirtation with a new guy. I may not have gotten myself a pash in the Snug, but I had a great night. And really, what more could a girl want?



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