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Who’s Your Daddy? Looking for a Daddy for my Babies

on September 27, 2017

My boy is looking for a father figure.

Yes, I know, it’s a bit crazy, because lots of you would know that I don’t have children.

But I do have two cats, a boy and a girl, who are twins.

When I was still married, our pussy cats were quite timid and scared of guests. They loved us, but were terrified of everyone else. They spent all their time under our bed, whenever we had people over, including family. If we had a party, they’d come out at about 3am, when they’d given up putting off waiting for food, water or the toilet. And even then, they’d make a mad dash through the room to their destination.

When my dad came over, my boy would sit on his lap, and would stay there for the whole visit. My girl has always been more aloof. She was fine as long as she could see everything, but she was happy to sit at a distance and keep an eye out.

Daddy’s Boy 
My ex husband and I worked opposite shifts back then, so, after I went to work, he was home with the babies for several hours before bed. I heard tales of nights spent cuddled on the beanbag while my ex played PS3 and one or other cat sat with him and watched.

Since my ex husband and I split, the baby cats have really matured. I can’t explain it because I don’t understand it. When I have friends over, they come out to meet them, particularly if they’ve met them before. They’re keen to see people, and interact, but it’s mostly my boy who’s curious and keen. 27-09-17-jensen

Cat & Mouse
When I’ve had guys over, my boy has come and introduced himself to them. My girl checks them out, but she really doesn’t give a toss.

But, my boy, well, he’s the one on their lap, rolling around, and mooching with them. He doesn’t like all of them, but he does like most of them. It’s like he can’t help himself. He insists on sitting on their lap, digging his claws into their legs, and showing them the belly that he won’t let them rub.

He went through a mourning period after my ex husband moved out, and no doubt he experiences a little of that each time. A couple of years after our split, I found one of my ex husband’s socks under the bed, and my boy rolled around on it for hours and hours.

The bean bags are gone, and no one plays PS3 anymore. From me, my boy gets play, and plenty of cuddles, and he gets to watch reality tv and the occasional animal show. But it’s not guy time, and he seems to crave it. 27-09-17-jensen-ackles

Sleeping With One Eye Open and Two Ears Pricked Up
I don’t have that many guys over, but there have been a few, and in his way, he’s bonded with each of them. I don’t know how he feels when he doesn’t see them again, but I can imagine.

It can’t be helped, as I’m a firm believer of happy mummy, happy babies, but one day, I’ll find someone that I’m happy to keep around, and he’ll find his forever daddy.


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