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Donut droolfest

It’s not often I tell you about an event before it happens, but I’m so excited about this one that I simply must tell you about it in advance.

This weekend, in Melbourne, there’s going to be a Donut & Beer Festival.

I seriously don’t get the correlation between donuts and beer though. Frankly, I don’t drink beer, so that’s lost on me. But as for a beverage that goes with donuts- well for me that’s probably milk. Hot chocolate or a milkshake, particularly.

So, if you’re like me, you probably want to go on the Sunday, as Miss Molly’s Coffee & Cupcake Cart ( will be there. I’ve checked their 08-03-17site and they serve hot chocolate- they’d better bring it! Those who were around when I posted Irish pash for a hot chocoholic you’ll know how much I loooooooove chocolate.

But for those who drink beer, there are options.

The site doesn’t list all of the beers available, but there is a vid and I tell you, you need to have a look at it. I nearly drooled just watching. I wanted to check it out before dinner but I saw some donut pics and had to wait. And I was so glad I did because it’s breathtaking. Gooey, oozy, donuts being pulled apart. Delish and divine!! I am freakin’ busting for the weekend to arrive.

Do yourself a favour and move mountains to get there. I’ll be there, and so will many other young, singles looking to mingle. Well, you never know. And if you’re there and they’re there, you know you have great taste in common!!

And, if you already have someone you’re dating, or keen to date, you really should take them to this. Think about the yummy donut kisses.

Check out the venue details and get yourself some chocolately goodness over Labor Day weekend in Melbourne!

Xx Kit


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Irish eyes, German food- first date recipe for disaster?

Originally, my first date with Earl was supposed to be just drinks. We’d chatted online and once over the phone. I’d instigated the phone call as Plenty of Fish has a calling option. I really prefer to have a bit of a chat on the phone before I meet someone. He seemed lovely.  He was Irish and had a lovely accent, but that’s just a bonus for me. I’m not that girl who goes ga ga over an accent. Most of my friends are from overseas, so it’s neither here nor there for me.

En route to the city on the night of our date, we were texting and he suggested we have dinner. That’s always my preference, especially if I’m travelling half an hour to meet a guy. I haven’t always tried to enforce that preference, and this must have been one of those occasions when I was letting it slide, but it was good that he suggested it.

We met at Flinders St Station and he suggested we go across the river to Southbank, where we could choose a resti.

I have to say, my first impression of Earl was mixed. He was shorter than I’d expected (I usually pay a lot more attention to the heights listed on profiles online, but maybe he’d exaggerated, or maybe I’d not noticed), and he was only a few inches taller than me. Ie, not enough!

We wandered across to Southbank and discussed our options. Frankly, it can be a bit dicey over there. It’s not that there are no restis but depending on your budget and the occasion, it can be limiting.

After checking out our options, we decided on Hophaus Bier Bar Grill. As a first date venue, it’s okay, but not for me. It delivers what it says it will, beer and German food, but frankly, it’s not in the slightest bit romantic, nor does the food lend itself to a date night. It’s perfect for hanging out with your friends, but I’m not a beer drinker, and so having few options to eat, it wasn’t great for me.

So let’s focus on the company. He was a fun guy, told me all about his previous relationships, and watched me try to control my jaw when he told me he’d had ‘two relationships’. He’d never had a girlfriend and then met his wife who he was with for 13 years, and then they split and within two weeks he had another gf. That ended only three weeks before our date. Blimey. It’s so familiar, just like my ex husband’s history before me. I agreed with him that he should be single for a while and just have fun and get to know himself. He said he’s got more confidence than he used to so he should be able to get more out of life now.

Right there, we decided we wouldn’t be getting too serious. But, I wasn’t really looking for casual either, so I figured I’d just spend time with him and see- but not get too involved.

Our conversation was easy and smooth, and at one stage he told me I’m pretty chatty. I responded that if I wanted to sit quietly and say nothing I’d be at home with my cats and my tv, but I’m out, so why not chat? He seemed shocked by that but agreed.

What the hell? Besides, it’s not like I was eating. I’d had to settle for a starter, and that wasn’t exactly keeping me occupied.

He recovered quickly and after he paid for our dinner (which was mostly his dinner) we continued our date by heading downstairs to the pub, PJ O’Brien’s where we had a few 24.07.16drinks and talked more. It was there that he worked up the courage to plant one on me.

His kiss was beery, and warm and just lovely enough to make me want more. I liked that he was gentlemanly while also showing signs of his previous lack of confidence. By then we were both a bit tipsy and more relaxed by the minute. I paid for the first round and he bought more, so I think that liquid gold was helping him.

When it was time to head home, he walked me to the station and on to the platform. He kissed me on the escalator, but he was on the lower step, and as he’s not that tall, so it was tres awks!!

I wasn’t sure if I’d see him again, seeing as we were definitely on different steps in life as well as on the date, but at least the kisses we’d had on solid ground had been good!!

Xx Kit

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Me Before You @ Hoyts Broadmeadows: a hand holding movie if ever there was one

A while ago a friend of mine posted a vid on my facebook feed for a movie that was due to come out in a few months. From the moment I watched that preview, I was busting, and I mean, busting, to watch “Me Before You.”

At the time, I didn’t know who I’d be seeing it with, or if I’d even see it at all. Sometimes, I’ve found that as I haven’t wanted to see a movie alone, I haven’t ended up seeing it. I thought I might end up seeing it with a gal pal, if at all. But I crossed my paws and hoped for the best that I’d have a lovely man with whom to hold hands during it.

As luck would have it, by the time the film was released, I did have someone to see it with. I’ve been out with him a few times, and there’s a genuine respect present. So, when we saw the preview while seeing another film at a cinema, he instantly agreed to see it with me. I reckon, he could see how my eyes glazed over as I watched it light up the screen.

We had a little false alarm when my enthusiasm overtook my eye sight, as I thought it had already started screening, but no, it hadn’t.

By the time we finally headed to the cinema the following week, I’d built it up so much in my head that I really hoped it would live up to my expectations.

We’d arrived at Hoyts Broadmeadows as the cinema of choice- the chosen one, if you will: the cinema that I was pinning all my high hopes on, in anticipation of deliverance.

When we bought our tickets and snacks, the young man held us up briefly while he looked for the best deal he could find us. I do love great service and he provided it by coming up with a deal that included new flavours of ice creams for 40c extra! What a delightful transaction that was.

My date loves ice cream any time of the year, and I love a chance at trying a new product without shelling out a fortune for it, so we accepted happily. We had two options, and both04.07.16 chose honeycomb. Man, there are very few flavours I love more than honeycomb, and with a great chocolate coating on the outside, it was magnificent! Not only that, but it was miniature, so it was just enough for me to taste, without freezing my lips off in the middle of a frosty Melbourne winter.  Just because I had someone to warm them up didn’t mean I wanted to freeze them off in the first place! We were off to a good start!!

Now to the movie, and in a word, it was magical. It’s a rom com but not in the laugh a minute to keep them interested kind of way. The comedic moments were beautifully placed, in a manner which supported the romantic plot, rather than interrupting it.

It’s about a young woman who, needing work, accepts a job as a carer for a quadriplegic man who’s all but given up on life, as it’s nothing like the fast paced and active lifestyle he lived prior to having his quadriplegia causing accident. He’s from a wealthy family, she’s from a struggling family, but it’s not quite as Romeo & Juliet as it sounds. For one thing, this is a modern day story.

I really wish that instead of just waiting for the movie to come out, I’d figured out that it was a book and had read it. I had no idea! And I love a good novel. But I didn’t. For details, head to

Instead, I only got the pleasure of watching it in a dark cinema, holding hands with a lovely man who loves a good rom com and who didn’t care one bit that my tears were soaking his sleeve. Oh and they did. He just kept holding my hand for as long as I needed it, and didn’t make fun of me. He really couldn’t, after he teared up in “Eddie the Eagle,” but it’s good he didn’t, nonetheless.

My only complaint about the experience wasn’t about the movie. It was to do with other patrons, and the lack of supervision by cinema staff. They came in and wandered around, but unfortunately, as they likely had to go and check other cinemas, they didn’t linger long enough to witness the regretful behaviour of some teenage girls sitting in the row behind us, who were far too immature for such a beautiful, romantic movie. Despite multiple shushing attempts by other cinema goers, and glares from me, they persisted in laughing, talking and making fun of some of the more poignant moments in the film. It made me wish that there was a ‘service’ button we could press at our chairs, or perhaps a number we could text, because there was no way we were going to be able to get them to quieten down. It’s a PG movie, and despite it definitely being a PG content movie, the theme was more mature than those girls could handle.

I managed to not let those girls ruin the film for me, and while I won’t go into more detail about the storyline, it truly is an excellent movie, and so worth seeing. I’d recommend taking someone supportive with you, as I did, or going on your own. I really wanted to immerse myself in the movie, and having the right person there helped me. If I’d been on a first date (as if), I wouldn’t have been in the same mindset, but being with someone I know and am comfortable with made all the difference.

As far as date venues goes, this was pretty good. Hoyts Broadmeadows can’t really be in control of the attitudes of their patrons, though it might be handy for them to be able to hang around a bit longer when doing their supervisory runs.

The ice creams were delish, and made the (always) exorbitant cost of snacks at the cinema much more bearable.

Definitely see the movie. Go on your own if you want to sink into it like a warm bath, or take a handsome man along with you, especially if he’s got a romantic soul in him like my date does. (More on him another time….)

Xx Kit

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Eating high on the hog: Hog’s Breath Watergardens

So this week I went on a date to Hog’s Breath at Watergardens.

It wasn’t planned, but my date and I roll with the punches and when the movie I’d chosen for us to see wasn’t available at the time we’d planned, we got to go and devour a heap of meat before going to a late session.

My date, who we shall call Deefer, had never been to Hog’s Breath before, but I used to go now and then in my previous life. It’s been a few years though, so I was happy to have a reunion. So happy, in fact, that when I’d first arrived at Watergardens I’d seen a guy I recognised, and a few seconds later I realised he was my fave waiter from back in the day! I figured he’d be working that night, and hoped I’d encounter him.

We were seated 16.06.16bby a really friendly waitress and were soon met by the waitress who’d see us through our meal. She was great. Deefer suggested that they might have my fave drink, and they did! Soon we sat with a cider and Galliano & Coke in front of us. Guess whose was whose?

When we placed our order for our entrée, I asked if I could have the sweet chilli on the side. It was no problem, as I knew it wouldn’t be at Hog’s Breath.

What a delish entrée that was. We shared it, and man oh man there are very few ingredients I like more than potatoes, bacon and cheese, and when they’re all togetheeeeerrrrr???? Divine!!

When we’d finished, my old mate appeared and offered to clear. He looked at me, and I looked at him and smiled, and I’d swear he gave me an extra look, as if he remembered me. I doubt he could. He’d be serving hundreds of people each week and it’s easily been 4 years since I’ve been there. For sure we went there a heap of times back in the day, but it’s been forever! Anyway, I don’t know, but it was a lovely touch. I’d mentioned him to Deefer and explained the back story, and referred to him as ‘my boyfriend.’ That’s one of my most commonly used references for just about anyone, including footy players and movie stars- it doesn’t matter if I’ve met them or not. Deefer’s used to it, but this one’s extra look defo earned him a guernsey.

Mains orders were taken and when our waitress asked me which sauce I’d like and I wasn’t sure, she reeled off the list and then said, “oh no, no sweet chilli, you don’t like it.” I loved that!! Talk about a good memory and putting it to great use.

The whole time we dined, drank and enjoyed each other’s company, we were serenaded by some great songs. I don’t usually have my phone out when Deefer and I go out apart from when I’m very briefly and hopefully stealthily posting where I am on  or my Instagram:  However, this was different, because the16.06.16 music was so good and so varied, that had to Shazam some of the songs! I was pretty sure, and had confirmed, that I was hearing the Eagles’ “Too busy being Fabulous,” which I hadn’t heard in forever, and while I recognised the husky voice of Belinda Carlisle, I didn’t quite pick the Go Gos’ “Vacation.” I don’t know who their DJ is but I was rapt! I doubt ‘the young kids of today’ would be as enraptured, but it was perfect date music. If we hadn’t known each other well and had needed things to talk about, the music and the décor would have provided plenty of topics. The music got so into my blood that I had to listen to the Eagles as I wrote this. Thanks for the reminder, HB!

For his main, Deefer had some beef and pork combo. Steak and ribs. He offered me some steak and it was fantastic!! I kinda wanted more, but I can’t be that chick who eats half the guy’s meal instead of ordering it herself. He was safe with the pork ribs though. Much as I love my bacon (and boy do I), I’ll leave pork any day.

The cool part about Deefer’s meal was that it came with a little tray which was sectioned down the middle. On one side was a little pool of water, and on the other it had what looked like a marshmallow. But, it was explained that when he wanted, he could lower it into the water, and it would soak up the water and expand. It wasn’t a marshmallow at all. It was a rolled up napkin, and it became like a wet one for him to use to clean his fingers. Genius!! I filmed it, but alas, my phone chewed it up before saving it properly. Spewing, because it was aces! Here’s an example I found on Youtube instead:

I ordered minimally. It’s Hog’s Breath, so you have to have curly fries. There’s no way around it. What are you, crazy? But as we were going to the movies afterwards, and I knew I’d be eating 48 buckets of popcorn, I just ordered chicken tenders with my fries. Honey mustard dipping sauce is just the ticket with them, and they were crumbed, fried and delish!!

I’m sure I’ve had that combo in the past, and it used to be served differently. The curly fries used to come in a vertical spiral conical thingamajig. I was kinda looking forward to it, but it didn’t arrive. That was probably the only disappointing part of the meal, but it was defo much easier to eat them out of a bowl!

We were offered dessert and I can tell you, just looking at the menu, we were tempted. But with all that popcorn to come, there was no way. We might have been at Hog’s Breath, but we’re not actually little piggies!! So we declined and skipped weee weee weee weee all the way to the cinema. Okay, maybe I’m a little bit piggy but that’s no excuse for having dessert. Overall, it was a great experience, and Deefer loved his first time, including the theme named toilets, Sows and Boars, of course!

Tell me your date spot experiences in your home town.

Feel free to share to your socials!

Xx Kit

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Tasty Mango – date spot review

My quest for a great date, and ideally, a boyfriend, means that I go to lots of places for drinks, dinner etc. So here, I commence a new venture, where I tell you the best and worst places I’ve had dates. I might even rank them. Venues don’t know I’m coming there for a date, and they don’t pay me for my critique. It’s for you- to help you pick a spot for your next date. And, when you try one of my places, why not let me know how you went and what you thought of the place? You can comment below, or email me at, or check me out on facebook at to get a sneak peak of where I am.


I was asked on a first date, and my date asked if there was anywhere good to go for dinner in my area. At the time, I instantly thought, ‘nup.’ But then he narrowed it down to Indian, and the answer quickly changed to ‘yes!!’

I told him that there’s a very cool bar in Moonee Ponds where you can have drinks and order from the Indian place next door, without leaving the bar. Genius!! Sometimes it’s a struggle to decide if you want to keep drinking, OR go and eat. But these two take that out of the equation by helping each other out, and in turn, they help me!

Trouble was, I didn’t know the name of the Indian place. I told my date the name of the bar- Mango. Within minutes, he replied with screenshots of both places’ opening hours. The clever lad had googled the name of the bar, found the street name, and searched for Indian restis in that street. Fabulous. I love a guy who has initiative, and uses it. He was even prepared to call and book a table, but I told him that it wouldn’t be necessary because we weren’t eating at the resti.

We set a day, and rocked up together, that Wednesday night. These places are in a quiet side street, Hall St Moonee Ponds. Mango Lounge Bar is a funky bar with tables inside, and out the front on the footpath, perfect for this summer’s evening. They also have outdoor heaters, for a cosy evening out in the upcoming winter months. Tasty MangoWhenever I’ve been there, I’ve always been met by super friendly staff, and this night was no different. Our bartender saw us through the whole date, and paid attention to empty glasses and offered refills. The best thing is that Mango stocks my drink, plus a range of cocktails, ciders, aaaaaaaand they have a happy hour until 7pm! On weekends they have a DJ. I’ve been there on a Friday evening for happy hour and the place was pumping.

When we got hungry, and keen to check out the Indian resti, my date went next door and grabbed some menus to bring back to the table for perusal. He’s a fiend for Indian food so he knew just what to order, and enticed me into trying all sorts of new dishes. Tasty Junction has a Mixed Tandoori Platter that is to die for. It has “12 pieces in total of chicken tikka, lamb seekh kebab, lamb cutlets, tandoori mushroom, tandoori chicken, afghani chicken.” Keen Dating Kit readers would know from my recent post, “Dating Stephen Fry” ( that I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes to food- much as I love Indian- so I actually hadn’t tried some of these items. In hindsight they look so basic. And they are, basic, and delish!!! I was so glad to have been introduced to them.

The staff at Tasty came out and served us at Mango, as I knew they would. They gave us options about when they could bring out our entrees and mains, leaving it up to us. Novel. We were in no rush and chose to spread it out, which is fortunate, because we ordered so much and tried to eat it all because it was soooooo good!!

At the end, the Tasty owner came out to check we were happy with our meals, and I swear he and my date are now besties. For all I know, they hang out regularly now, that’s how friendly they became in a matter of minutes and I just sat and marvelled at finding two people chattier than me.

Overall, this duo is a great date spot- particularly for a first date. The menus compliment each other- ever noticed there’s a bit of mango on an Indian menu? That’s because it compliments the food, as does this bar to this menu. Staff at both places were attentive without being over the top. I don’t want someone interrupting every anecdote my date and I are sharing with each other, but sometimes, it’s good to have someone nearby to fill in the blanks if it gets awks and stilted. Alas, we didn’t need that, but others might, and thus, I recommend both places as great date spots.

Find them at: and on facebook at: and on facebook at:

And yes, there was a second date. 🙂

Xx Kit



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