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This week I was hit with a bug like no other. It started with me just feeling really strange after a few drinks out on a Friday night. I didn’t have many and came home pretty early, so it wasn’t the drinks.

By the time I got home to my bed, I just felt odd. For the last month or so, I’d been saying that I felt like I was constantly fighting off a cold. And I remember thinking, last Friday night, that maybe I should just get it over with.

Well, careful what you wish for. I’m no fool, I knew that by thinking it, it could actually happen. Sometimes I do make things happen by thinking them, and I knew, even while I thought it, that it would happen.

So I woke up feeling pretty low on Saturday morning. I had no energy, my arms felt really weak- ironically, they’re the first thing to feel the effects of alcohol, but of course, I wasn’t drunk, certainly not in the morning.

I decided to have a full couch day, which is pretty unusual for me. I’m a go, go, go kinda gal. I’ve always got projects underway, and things to do. I never feel bored at home, because there’s always something to do. I might not be happy with what I have to do (like housework) but it doesn’t ever mean I’ve got nothing to do.

So I put on the tv and caught up on some shows I’d taped.

Sunday came and I felt no better, but didn’t feel worse, so that was good. And, I had a visit from a guy I’d met a couple of weeks before, and cuddles certainly made me feel somewhat human.

But by Monday, oh no, the coughing came, and everything was hellish.

In the past, when I’ve gotten sick, I’ve been prepared. I’ve been quite sickly in the past, so I always had what I needed.  But this time, for all my fending off, I didn’t see this coming. I’ve had a strange couple of weeks leading up to this (we might get to that another time), so getting sick wasn’t on the agenda.

All week I’ve been home on my own. I didn’t leave the house from when I got home on Friday night until Wednesday. I had meetings to go to that I had to cancel. My car had a service booked, but I had to reschedule that because when the time came, there was no way I could leave the house. I barely slept at night for all the coughing. I got a few hours at a time, and then woke up and coughed for hours. I was exhausted.

Apparently, it’s going around. People are saying it’s the flu, but I had a flu jab before winter came, and so I’d refused to believe it was that. I barely took any medication because when I was in the thick of it, I had no clue what to do, which just shows how bad this bug is, because I’m very used to looking after myself when I’m sick. It’s like I needed someone to tell me how to look after myself, for a change. All I had in the house was some cold & flu tablets, no Strepsils or honey to suck on during the night, which I usually would have.

When I eventually left the house, I went to the supermarket to stock up on foods that would be somewhat healthy, but mostly filling. But the main criteria was that I didn’t have to put any effort into cooking them before I could eat them. It didn’t even occur to me to buy Strepsils or honey. Those thoughts came to me when I was telling the guy I’d met what I usually have and use when I’m sick. What a chump I was not to have thought of that earlier, but that’s how sick I’ve been.

Luckily, what I did have was people at the end of the phone, and online who kept in touch with me and to whom I could reach out to ensure I felt somewhat sane.

The new guy was great. Though he was working interstate, he texted and called regularly and rang me with soothing words.

By the time Friday came around, he was back and I thought I was better. I thought it was ‘that day.’ You know the day when you finally feel like you’re better and can slowly get back into life? For me, that means changing my sheets, putting some music on (and it was RnB Friday on Fox FM!), and starting to make plans again. I cleaned up all the tissues which were all over the floor around my bed, and opened the windows to get some circulation throughout my house.

So when the new g12-08-17-dkuy asked me if I wanted to something that night, I thought, for sure. The night before, when he’d asked, I’d baulked at going to the movies, because I was worried I’d cough through it and ruin it for everyone. But by the time he came to pick me up, I was feeling so much better, and my cough had dissipated, so we decided to go.

Alas, throughout the movie, my cough came on. It makes sense, as the day goes on, it usually does, but we went to an early movie, and I’d hoped it wouldn’t. Anyway, every time I coughed, or reached for popcorn or a drink, he’d rub my back, which was really sweet, and soothing. If I’d been with my ex husband at that movie, he would have tried to make me leave because he wouldn’t have liked the attention my coughing was drawing- toward him. But this guy said it was fine, when I asked him if it was annoying and bothering people.

We went for dinner afterwards, and I thought pizza would be perfect for me, not too filling, but yummy enough and not sick food, and it was great, apart from one mouthful. I’m guessing some chilli fell into the sauce because one piece was so hot it made my eyes water, and had me reaching for my drink at record speed. The rest of the pizza had no hints (I didn’t eat it all, but ate the rest the next day and it was all normal, no chilli).

But, it could have been the chilli or the popcorn, or just being out at night even though I was rugged up well and, actually, there’s barely been a time when I’ve had no scarf on this week, and that includes when I’ve been at home. During the night, after only a couple of hours’ sleep (as per every other night), I woke up coughing again, but it was a cough much worse than I’d had all week. This was the cough that starts and goes on and on and on. All week I’d been coughing up gunk (that’s classy) which I know has to happen to get rid of the infection. But this was different.

No doubt I was disturbing the new guy, who despite me being deathly sick, was willing to stay over. All night I’d felt his cuddles, even when I was awake coughing, and it was lovely, but I felt bad for the broken sleep he was now getting.

Then I woke up slightly, as I could hear him moving around, getting dressed. I did that thing where you know you’re on the brink of waking up, but if you stay strong, you could stay asleep. So I did that, tried really hard. I knew I’d been actually sleeping (not coughing) before that, and I wanted more. Instead, he came over and told me he was going home. It was 9am! After he left, I went straight back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 12

That’s the problem with all the coughing. Eventually exhaustion overtakes me, and I sleep and sleep- even if it’s at the wrong time.

But those three hours were GOLD.

I had planned to see the new guy again that night, but after going back to bed for a little nap in the afternoon (yes, just a few hours after I’d woken up), I slept for TWO WHOLE HOURS, and realised going out was not a good idea. We’d planned a couple of drinks in town, but the thought of getting dressed up and going out in public, where I could encounter more germs, didn’t thrill me.

New guy, being the gentleman that he is, completely understood. So maybe I’ll have some stories to tell you about my times with him, and hopefully they won’t involve any more incessant coughing. If he can not only tolerate me being sick, but be willing to spend time with me while I’m sick, then he could just be a keeper. It’s nice, for a change, to have someone want to look after me, rather than me being completely alone- especially when I’m sick. My ex husband would have banished me to the couch rather than hear me cough, or risk getting sick. Charming isn’t it? But it shows how nice the new guy is.

For now though, it’s couch, cats, and movies, like The Switch. Alas, it’s made me laugh too many times, and then the coughs came. But it’s an old fave, and seeing Jason Bateman always cheers me up, especially before- hopefully, a full 8 hours’ sleep.


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Exciting update!

Hello, my lovely Kitsters!!

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet of late. It’s because I’ve been busy working on new additions to my blog.

You’ll have noticed by now that there are two new tabs on my home page.

They’re Date Spots and Favourite Dates.

Oh yes, I’ve been writing all about the best places to go on dates. So far they’ve been mostly in Melbourne but I’ve also been doing some travelling lately, so I have lots of other spots to tell you about in the near future.

And, I’ve also highlighted the very best of the dates that I’ve been on. So, if you just want to go back and read the best of the best, the most fun, or romantic, hit up the Favourite Dates tab. I’ll be updating them as I tell you about more dates.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @ and like me @

As always, comments are welcome, and I’d love to chat with you.

Xx Kit

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Long weekend Irish breakfast (part three)

As mentioned in my two most recent posts Long weekend dump(lings) date and Long weekend drinks with an Irish Gilbert Blythe (Part two) I recently had a dinner date with an Irish guy called Connor. The dinner turned into drinks, a sleepover and then…. brunch.

He had a place that he liked to go nearby, Local Folk, so he drove us there. God knows how many chicks he takes there but I didn’t care. I was famished after a huge night of drinking, and having only eaten a heap of dumplings before that. So brunch sounded divine. Plus, I bloody love brunch!!

Check out this iced chocolate!! I’m not a coffee drinker, so to get a great iced choc gets me all excited, even if it was served in a jar!  06.09.16b

We sat outside the cafe in the morning sun and chatted more about our lives and got to know each other.

As we did, Connor said a few future things which concerned me, one in particular. I mentioned some renovations I should be doing to my house that would involve me moving out. He said I could move in with him. Huh? Why would I do that? A) as if! B) as bloody if! I’ve known you barely 12 hours, in person.  It’s a sweet suggestion, but don’t bother unless you would really follow through with it. Or at least, will follow through with a second date. Plus, he has a one bedroom apartment, and it was the closest thing I’d ever seen to what the British call a bedsit. It was tiny. I just laughed and said the cats would be coming too, thinking that would put him off, and you know what? He said, that’s okay, there’s the courtyard area for them. Pfft. Shut up mate, and keep your false promises to yourself.

He paid for our brunch, which was lovely of him, especially as I’d spent all my dosh the night before. I could have paid, at least for mine, but I sure did appreciate him taking care of it.

He brought me back to my car and then came to my house and we laid on the couch and watched telly. Again he fell asleep. I’m so not used to 06.09.16asleeping with someone, particularly a random. But it seems guys can sleep anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. The same goes for not sleeping… But as I said, that’s just not me these days.

I had plans for that night, and so did he. His phone kept ringing with a mate calling to arrange it (I saw it was a guy calling) and he kept ignoring the call. I wouldn’t have cared as I needed to get moving anyway, but he just stayed put. In the end, I had to give him the boot or I wouldn’t have gotten ready for my night in time- which was actually a date.

When I mentioned doing something another time he kinda went like, like what else? As if he couldn’t really imagine doing any more. I gently went down the date path but didn’t push it, sensing he wasn’t really going to be up for that.

On my way to my date, I decided I wouldn’t text Connor again because much as we had a great time, his attempts at a shag that I didn’t want, made me wonder if he’s genuine about a relationship. When we’d been texting, he’d been pretty clear that he did want someone to spend time with, and to enjoy our city with, but that wasn’t seeming true anymore. So I figured, that if I texted him first I’d never know if he was going to text me or not. And if he did text and invite me to dinner or something, I’d have a better idea that he was actually keen for more than a shag. He sure knew how to treat a woman on a date and I loved that, but if it went no further than the night we had, I’d just enjoy that one date and move on. No biggie.

I didn’t hear from him and I didn’t text him. A few days later though, it was St Patrick’s Day and I was keen to go out. My friends were all busy as it was mid week. My gal pal said, ‘fuck it, text him and see if he’s free, who cares who texts first?’ I really hadn’t wanted to, but facing a St Paddy’s night at home with the babies or a text which might get me out into the action, I texted him.

But he didn’t reply. At least, he didn’t reply until 1.15- AM. Oh well. We texted a little the next day but that was it. Fizzled.

It was a great date though, while on it, and I’m happy that after all the chatting over the preceding weeks, we finally got to meet. I’m cool with nothing coming of it. He clearly didn’t want a relationship, and I clearly didn’t want a fuck. Cute guy and good company.


Xx Kit

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Irish pash for a hot chocoholic, Part two

Earl and I kept in touch after our first date at Hophaus Bier Bar Grill, and a few days after that night, we decided to go out on a second date. I’m always one for trying to take full advantage of having someone to go somewhere with. As a single woman, it’s not always easy to find someone to go places with. I know I can go on my own, but things aren’t as enjoyable on their own as they are with company. And yes, I have friends, and yes I hang out with them. But even the most boring destination doubles, or maybe even triples in enjoyment, when you’re hand in hand with a guy.

So, when we decided to spend Sunday together, I let my fingers do the walking and I found a Hot Chocolate festival being held at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.  I’d heard about it on the radio and had instantly wanted to go, so when I googled and found that it started that day, I was ecstatic!! I suggested it and he was all up for it. It meant I had to drive to his place across town and then we planned to go together.

Now, usually, I don’t go to a guy’s house, certainly not if I haven’t met him. But I’d met this one before, as we’d had a dinner date, and as he lives nearer to the festival it made more sense than us driving there separately. So I didn’t mind so much, especially as it was supposed to be just a quick stop in to pick him up. I’m not saying I relished the idea, because I’m always a fan of safety first, and then there’s the awkwardness I feel, but I’d been keen for this festival and if I had to go to his place to get there, I was going to do it.

So I sent his address to Gal Pal so that she would know where I’d last been in case I went missing. Hey, it’s not likely to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone know where you are.

All was fine when I got to Earl’s. An easy kiss hello, and I felt super comfy with him at his place. He gave me a tour of his house. Why do guys insist on doing that? Feel free to answer this below, if you’re a guy!!  Even guy friends insist on giving me a tour when I first go to their house. They’re more house proud than women, I’ve found, and want to peacock about their earning power, potential and taste in decor, or so I think. I’m positive it’s to show off their ‘wealth’ and, more so, to show me where the bedroom is.

When the tour was finished, not surprisingly, at his bedroom, he ushered me down the hallway toward the lounge room. He did it with a hand on my back that felt so sexy. As he did, I made so10.08.16bme comment or other (so like me really, it was probably sarcastic as hell, but it was clearly a turn on for him) and suddenly he touched my ass. I turned around to playfully reprimand him and suddenly pre choc fest pash fest began. Interesting. And colourful too, as I was wearing a delish blend of 3 shades of pinky red lipsticks! By the time I came up for air (hello, nothing was getting in the way of my chocolate exploration!!) I looked like a cross between a 3 year old who’d gotten into her mum’s makeup collection, and a clown! And you know what, he did too!! God it was funny.

It was a lovely, cold but sunny winter’s day as he drove us to Yarra Valley to the Hot chocolate festival. If you’ve never been out that way, you should go for a drive. It’s beautiful and scenically green and so close to the city!! But when we got there, it seemed that everyone from Melbs h10.08.16aad had the same idea. We couldn’t move!! The car park was chockers, and though we managed to find a spot, we had to carefully walk through puddles and muddy pools to get to the building. And when we arrived, we found that some of the things we wanted to do were so crowded they were instantly ruled out. I’d wanted to buy a delish flavoured hot chocolate but, while they had stations set up outside and in, both queues were extremely long.

Instead, we wandered around the massive shop inside, and checked out our options from what was on display. They had all sorts there, including some of my faves, choc mint and choc orange. They also had soaps and other products but we weren’t quite sure if they were chocolate or just coco based. There was no way I was going to leave a chocolate festival without chocolate, so I bought some that I knew I’d enjoy at home by myself, and I bought him some too. Aren’t I nice?

As it was so crowded there, with about a zillion kids and their parents, we decided to split and find somewhere else for lunch.  I was disappointed it was so crowded, but the chocolate I brought home with me was absolutely divine, and the good thing was that I didn’t need to share it with a single snotty nosed kid, or anyone, for that matter!

For those interested in hitting the Hot Chocolate Festival, it’s on for the whole of August, so get into it!

I’m super keen to go back on a quiet day and really get to enjoy the hot chocolate. I had my heart set on it, and if the chocolate I brought home is any indication, it’ll be a hot cup of chocolatey heaven!!

Stay tuned for our lunch date; there’s more to follow…

Xx Kit

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Me Before You @ Hoyts Broadmeadows: a hand holding movie if ever there was one

A while ago a friend of mine posted a vid on my facebook feed for a movie that was due to come out in a few months. From the moment I watched that preview, I was busting, and I mean, busting, to watch “Me Before You.”

At the time, I didn’t know who I’d be seeing it with, or if I’d even see it at all. Sometimes, I’ve found that as I haven’t wanted to see a movie alone, I haven’t ended up seeing it. I thought I might end up seeing it with a gal pal, if at all. But I crossed my paws and hoped for the best that I’d have a lovely man with whom to hold hands during it.

As luck would have it, by the time the film was released, I did have someone to see it with. I’ve been out with him a few times, and there’s a genuine respect present. So, when we saw the preview while seeing another film at a cinema, he instantly agreed to see it with me. I reckon, he could see how my eyes glazed over as I watched it light up the screen.

We had a little false alarm when my enthusiasm overtook my eye sight, as I thought it had already started screening, but no, it hadn’t.

By the time we finally headed to the cinema the following week, I’d built it up so much in my head that I really hoped it would live up to my expectations.

We’d arrived at Hoyts Broadmeadows as the cinema of choice- the chosen one, if you will: the cinema that I was pinning all my high hopes on, in anticipation of deliverance.

When we bought our tickets and snacks, the young man held us up briefly while he looked for the best deal he could find us. I do love great service and he provided it by coming up with a deal that included new flavours of ice creams for 40c extra! What a delightful transaction that was.

My date loves ice cream any time of the year, and I love a chance at trying a new product without shelling out a fortune for it, so we accepted happily. We had two options, and both04.07.16 chose honeycomb. Man, there are very few flavours I love more than honeycomb, and with a great chocolate coating on the outside, it was magnificent! Not only that, but it was miniature, so it was just enough for me to taste, without freezing my lips off in the middle of a frosty Melbourne winter.  Just because I had someone to warm them up didn’t mean I wanted to freeze them off in the first place! We were off to a good start!!

Now to the movie, and in a word, it was magical. It’s a rom com but not in the laugh a minute to keep them interested kind of way. The comedic moments were beautifully placed, in a manner which supported the romantic plot, rather than interrupting it.

It’s about a young woman who, needing work, accepts a job as a carer for a quadriplegic man who’s all but given up on life, as it’s nothing like the fast paced and active lifestyle he lived prior to having his quadriplegia causing accident. He’s from a wealthy family, she’s from a struggling family, but it’s not quite as Romeo & Juliet as it sounds. For one thing, this is a modern day story.

I really wish that instead of just waiting for the movie to come out, I’d figured out that it was a book and had read it. I had no idea! And I love a good novel. But I didn’t. For details, head to

Instead, I only got the pleasure of watching it in a dark cinema, holding hands with a lovely man who loves a good rom com and who didn’t care one bit that my tears were soaking his sleeve. Oh and they did. He just kept holding my hand for as long as I needed it, and didn’t make fun of me. He really couldn’t, after he teared up in “Eddie the Eagle,” but it’s good he didn’t, nonetheless.

My only complaint about the experience wasn’t about the movie. It was to do with other patrons, and the lack of supervision by cinema staff. They came in and wandered around, but unfortunately, as they likely had to go and check other cinemas, they didn’t linger long enough to witness the regretful behaviour of some teenage girls sitting in the row behind us, who were far too immature for such a beautiful, romantic movie. Despite multiple shushing attempts by other cinema goers, and glares from me, they persisted in laughing, talking and making fun of some of the more poignant moments in the film. It made me wish that there was a ‘service’ button we could press at our chairs, or perhaps a number we could text, because there was no way we were going to be able to get them to quieten down. It’s a PG movie, and despite it definitely being a PG content movie, the theme was more mature than those girls could handle.

I managed to not let those girls ruin the film for me, and while I won’t go into more detail about the storyline, it truly is an excellent movie, and so worth seeing. I’d recommend taking someone supportive with you, as I did, or going on your own. I really wanted to immerse myself in the movie, and having the right person there helped me. If I’d been on a first date (as if), I wouldn’t have been in the same mindset, but being with someone I know and am comfortable with made all the difference.

As far as date venues goes, this was pretty good. Hoyts Broadmeadows can’t really be in control of the attitudes of their patrons, though it might be handy for them to be able to hang around a bit longer when doing their supervisory runs.

The ice creams were delish, and made the (always) exorbitant cost of snacks at the cinema much more bearable.

Definitely see the movie. Go on your own if you want to sink into it like a warm bath, or take a handsome man along with you, especially if he’s got a romantic soul in him like my date does. (More on him another time….)

Xx Kit

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