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“There’s the wind-up, and there it is…” Adrian- Part 1.

on June 29, 2015

Adrian and I met online and one of the things that I liked about him was that he said he was in no rush to advance to sex. I wasn’t stupid but thought I’d see if there was anything there.

We met on a Thursday night. We had drinks and dinner at The Mitre Tavern, and then wandered the city getting to know each other, trying out new bars and showing each other our faves. He was exactly my type of guy, in all ways. We got along really well and the chemistry was amazing.

We talked about lots of things, including fantasizing about going on holidays together. It was all very light hearted, and he told me about his last holiday in Asia and how fun it was. So when he said we should go together next time, I was happy to go along with it. Why not? It was only in jest, after all.

At the end, he walked me to the station and waited on the platform for my train to arrive. He was a lovely kisser too!!

He texted to make sure that I got home safely.Island 29.06.15

During the next day, we texted back and forth a little. While I was on the train on the way home from work, he messaged that he’d been looking at prices to Thailand and asked if I wanted to see them. What the?? I thought he was still carrying on the joke so I said sure, send them through. And he did!!! Crikey!

That night I already had a date lined up with someone else, and though I was pretty keen on Adrian, I wasn’t about to cancel. I did plan on being honest about having met Adrian, however, and thus, I headed out to my date.

The date was set for a shopping centre, as we were planning on having dinner at Pancake Parlour. He lived on the other side of town so I’d chosen it so it would be easy for him to google and find. Before we met up, I did a little shopping. While I was doing that, I got a text from Adrian asking what I was up to that night. I’d met him once, and didn’t owe him any sort of explanation, so I told him the truth- but the bare truth. I told him I was shopping. I was- I actually bought a top that night.

He replied, “I hope you enjoy your date.” WTF??? I hadn’t told him anything and yet he knew. I replied that I was shopping and wished him a good night but then he sent me a couple of texts saying, “I hope he’s worth it.” What a prick! Even though I was on a date, it wasn’t his business, AND I had been keen on him and wanted to see HIM again. Hmmm. Not impressed.

I went to dinner but frankly, the whole thing was uncomfortable. The tables were so close together that we could all hear each others’ conversations, and there was no way I could tell him that I’d met someone I was interested in pursuing, until I got those texts anyway, and trust me, they continued during dinner, though my phone was in my bag and I tried .

Anyway, I’d agreed to dinner with the guy but hadn’t been all that interested in him. It’s not usual for me to go on a date under duress but we’d been talking for so long that I kinda thought I should see it out. If I hadn’t met Adrian the night before and had such a good time, things might’ve been different, but things happen.

After the date, I pulled my car over and texted him that I’d met someone and that it was new but I was sorry and I’d wanted to be honest over dinner but couldn’t say it with people practically resting their elbows on our table. He was really good about it and rang me and we chatted about Adrian, and how he’d been texting me during the date and all that. We both thought it was pretty strange, especially as I’d also tried to call him after the date and he wasn’t answering my phone.

That day Adrian had asked me to go to lunch the next day, and I’d agreed, but I had no idea if that date was still going ahead.

Before bed I didYum Cha 29.06.15n’t hear from Adrian, and I went to bed not knowing if we still had a date or not. These days I wouldn’t even be keen to go out with someone again after they’ve acted like that.

In the morning, he texted as though nothing had happened and arranged to meet me. He was going out after lunch and asked me to pick him up on my way to town. No biggie, and a chance to chat as we drove.

Lunch was good, my first time at Yum Cha. During lunch I tried lots of different foods I’d never had before, and each time I found something new that I liked, he said, “good girl.” That kinda freaked me out, I’m not a dog, or a little girl. But he has a dog and children, so I figured that’s just how he talks to them. But it was something I planned to nip in the bud if it kept going.

We’d only been able to get a one hour car space so during lunch, Adrian went outside and checked the car. He found a parking ticket. Spewing!! But, he showed his gentlemanliness and offered to pay it. I accepted, again, not thinking he’d actually do it.

Again, we had a lovely chat about all sorts of things, and continued to get to know each other and we knew we’d see each other again.

After we parted ways, I texted a friend, and she was in the city so we met up for a chat. I’m always keen to get the most out of a situation and why not have two dates in one.

By the way, it took some reminding but he actually did pay the parking ticket- and he’d paid for lunch.

Stay tuned for part two.

Xx Kit


(Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf)

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