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Tasty Mango – date spot review

on April 9, 2016

My quest for a great date, and ideally, a boyfriend, means that I go to lots of places for drinks, dinner etc. So here, I commence a new venture, where I tell you the best and worst places I’ve had dates. I might even rank them. Venues don’t know I’m coming there for a date, and they don’t pay me for my critique. It’s for you- to help you pick a spot for your next date. And, when you try one of my places, why not let me know how you went and what you thought of the place? You can comment below, or email me at, or check me out on facebook at to get a sneak peak of where I am.


I was asked on a first date, and my date asked if there was anywhere good to go for dinner in my area. At the time, I instantly thought, ‘nup.’ But then he narrowed it down to Indian, and the answer quickly changed to ‘yes!!’

I told him that there’s a very cool bar in Moonee Ponds where you can have drinks and order from the Indian place next door, without leaving the bar. Genius!! Sometimes it’s a struggle to decide if you want to keep drinking, OR go and eat. But these two take that out of the equation by helping each other out, and in turn, they help me!

Trouble was, I didn’t know the name of the Indian place. I told my date the name of the bar- Mango. Within minutes, he replied with screenshots of both places’ opening hours. The clever lad had googled the name of the bar, found the street name, and searched for Indian restis in that street. Fabulous. I love a guy who has initiative, and uses it. He was even prepared to call and book a table, but I told him that it wouldn’t be necessary because we weren’t eating at the resti.

We set a day, and rocked up together, that Wednesday night. These places are in a quiet side street, Hall St Moonee Ponds. Mango Lounge Bar is a funky bar with tables inside, and out the front on the footpath, perfect for this summer’s evening. They also have outdoor heaters, for a cosy evening out in the upcoming winter months. Tasty MangoWhenever I’ve been there, I’ve always been met by super friendly staff, and this night was no different. Our bartender saw us through the whole date, and paid attention to empty glasses and offered refills. The best thing is that Mango stocks my drink, plus a range of cocktails, ciders, aaaaaaaand they have a happy hour until 7pm! On weekends they have a DJ. I’ve been there on a Friday evening for happy hour and the place was pumping.

When we got hungry, and keen to check out the Indian resti, my date went next door and grabbed some menus to bring back to the table for perusal. He’s a fiend for Indian food so he knew just what to order, and enticed me into trying all sorts of new dishes. Tasty Junction has a Mixed Tandoori Platter that is to die for. It has “12 pieces in total of chicken tikka, lamb seekh kebab, lamb cutlets, tandoori mushroom, tandoori chicken, afghani chicken.” Keen Dating Kit readers would know from my recent post, “Dating Stephen Fry” ( that I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes to food- much as I love Indian- so I actually hadn’t tried some of these items. In hindsight they look so basic. And they are, basic, and delish!!! I was so glad to have been introduced to them.

The staff at Tasty came out and served us at Mango, as I knew they would. They gave us options about when they could bring out our entrees and mains, leaving it up to us. Novel. We were in no rush and chose to spread it out, which is fortunate, because we ordered so much and tried to eat it all because it was soooooo good!!

At the end, the Tasty owner came out to check we were happy with our meals, and I swear he and my date are now besties. For all I know, they hang out regularly now, that’s how friendly they became in a matter of minutes and I just sat and marvelled at finding two people chattier than me.

Overall, this duo is a great date spot- particularly for a first date. The menus compliment each other- ever noticed there’s a bit of mango on an Indian menu? That’s because it compliments the food, as does this bar to this menu. Staff at both places were attentive without being over the top. I don’t want someone interrupting every anecdote my date and I are sharing with each other, but sometimes, it’s good to have someone nearby to fill in the blanks if it gets awks and stilted. Alas, we didn’t need that, but others might, and thus, I recommend both places as great date spots.

Find them at: and on facebook at: and on facebook at:

And yes, there was a second date. 🙂

Xx Kit



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