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Eating high on the hog: Hog’s Breath Watergardens

on June 16, 2016

So this week I went on a date to Hog’s Breath at Watergardens.

It wasn’t planned, but my date and I roll with the punches and when the movie I’d chosen for us to see wasn’t available at the time we’d planned, we got to go and devour a heap of meat before going to a late session.

My date, who we shall call Deefer, had never been to Hog’s Breath before, but I used to go now and then in my previous life. It’s been a few years though, so I was happy to have a reunion. So happy, in fact, that when I’d first arrived at Watergardens I’d seen a guy I recognised, and a few seconds later I realised he was my fave waiter from back in the day! I figured he’d be working that night, and hoped I’d encounter him.

We were seated 16.06.16bby a really friendly waitress and were soon met by the waitress who’d see us through our meal. She was great. Deefer suggested that they might have my fave drink, and they did! Soon we sat with a cider and Galliano & Coke in front of us. Guess whose was whose?

When we placed our order for our entrée, I asked if I could have the sweet chilli on the side. It was no problem, as I knew it wouldn’t be at Hog’s Breath.

What a delish entrée that was. We shared it, and man oh man there are very few ingredients I like more than potatoes, bacon and cheese, and when they’re all togetheeeeerrrrr???? Divine!!

When we’d finished, my old mate appeared and offered to clear. He looked at me, and I looked at him and smiled, and I’d swear he gave me an extra look, as if he remembered me. I doubt he could. He’d be serving hundreds of people each week and it’s easily been 4 years since I’ve been there. For sure we went there a heap of times back in the day, but it’s been forever! Anyway, I don’t know, but it was a lovely touch. I’d mentioned him to Deefer and explained the back story, and referred to him as ‘my boyfriend.’ That’s one of my most commonly used references for just about anyone, including footy players and movie stars- it doesn’t matter if I’ve met them or not. Deefer’s used to it, but this one’s extra look defo earned him a guernsey.

Mains orders were taken and when our waitress asked me which sauce I’d like and I wasn’t sure, she reeled off the list and then said, “oh no, no sweet chilli, you don’t like it.” I loved that!! Talk about a good memory and putting it to great use.

The whole time we dined, drank and enjoyed each other’s company, we were serenaded by some great songs. I don’t usually have my phone out when Deefer and I go out apart from when I’m very briefly and hopefully stealthily posting where I am on  or my Instagram:  However, this was different, because the16.06.16 music was so good and so varied, that had to Shazam some of the songs! I was pretty sure, and had confirmed, that I was hearing the Eagles’ “Too busy being Fabulous,” which I hadn’t heard in forever, and while I recognised the husky voice of Belinda Carlisle, I didn’t quite pick the Go Gos’ “Vacation.” I don’t know who their DJ is but I was rapt! I doubt ‘the young kids of today’ would be as enraptured, but it was perfect date music. If we hadn’t known each other well and had needed things to talk about, the music and the décor would have provided plenty of topics. The music got so into my blood that I had to listen to the Eagles as I wrote this. Thanks for the reminder, HB!

For his main, Deefer had some beef and pork combo. Steak and ribs. He offered me some steak and it was fantastic!! I kinda wanted more, but I can’t be that chick who eats half the guy’s meal instead of ordering it herself. He was safe with the pork ribs though. Much as I love my bacon (and boy do I), I’ll leave pork any day.

The cool part about Deefer’s meal was that it came with a little tray which was sectioned down the middle. On one side was a little pool of water, and on the other it had what looked like a marshmallow. But, it was explained that when he wanted, he could lower it into the water, and it would soak up the water and expand. It wasn’t a marshmallow at all. It was a rolled up napkin, and it became like a wet one for him to use to clean his fingers. Genius!! I filmed it, but alas, my phone chewed it up before saving it properly. Spewing, because it was aces! Here’s an example I found on Youtube instead:

I ordered minimally. It’s Hog’s Breath, so you have to have curly fries. There’s no way around it. What are you, crazy? But as we were going to the movies afterwards, and I knew I’d be eating 48 buckets of popcorn, I just ordered chicken tenders with my fries. Honey mustard dipping sauce is just the ticket with them, and they were crumbed, fried and delish!!

I’m sure I’ve had that combo in the past, and it used to be served differently. The curly fries used to come in a vertical spiral conical thingamajig. I was kinda looking forward to it, but it didn’t arrive. That was probably the only disappointing part of the meal, but it was defo much easier to eat them out of a bowl!

We were offered dessert and I can tell you, just looking at the menu, we were tempted. But with all that popcorn to come, there was no way. We might have been at Hog’s Breath, but we’re not actually little piggies!! So we declined and skipped weee weee weee weee all the way to the cinema. Okay, maybe I’m a little bit piggy but that’s no excuse for having dessert. Overall, it was a great experience, and Deefer loved his first time, including the theme named toilets, Sows and Boars, of course!

Tell me your date spot experiences in your home town.

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Xx Kit

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2 Responses to “Eating high on the hog: Hog’s Breath Watergardens”

  1. Cate says:

    Sounds yum! I’ve never been. Used to have a fave date spot in Brisbane, and the veal scollopine was to die for!!! You’ve made me wish I could go back.

    • Kit says:

      Mmmmmm Cate, Veal Scollopine isn’t something I’ve tried, but maybe I will in future. Put it on your list for when you’re there next! I’m definitely trying more things while on these dates and I’m always on the lookout for my next fave meal and next fave date spot. I wonder where this adventure will take me next time 🙂

      Xx Kit

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