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Me Before You @ Hoyts Broadmeadows: a hand holding movie if ever there was one

on July 14, 2016

A while ago a friend of mine posted a vid on my facebook feed for a movie that was due to come out in a few months. From the moment I watched that preview, I was busting, and I mean, busting, to watch “Me Before You.”

At the time, I didn’t know who I’d be seeing it with, or if I’d even see it at all. Sometimes, I’ve found that as I haven’t wanted to see a movie alone, I haven’t ended up seeing it. I thought I might end up seeing it with a gal pal, if at all. But I crossed my paws and hoped for the best that I’d have a lovely man with whom to hold hands during it.

As luck would have it, by the time the film was released, I did have someone to see it with. I’ve been out with him a few times, and there’s a genuine respect present. So, when we saw the preview while seeing another film at a cinema, he instantly agreed to see it with me. I reckon, he could see how my eyes glazed over as I watched it light up the screen.

We had a little false alarm when my enthusiasm overtook my eye sight, as I thought it had already started screening, but no, it hadn’t.

By the time we finally headed to the cinema the following week, I’d built it up so much in my head that I really hoped it would live up to my expectations.

We’d arrived at Hoyts Broadmeadows as the cinema of choice- the chosen one, if you will: the cinema that I was pinning all my high hopes on, in anticipation of deliverance.

When we bought our tickets and snacks, the young man held us up briefly while he looked for the best deal he could find us. I do love great service and he provided it by coming up with a deal that included new flavours of ice creams for 40c extra! What a delightful transaction that was.

My date loves ice cream any time of the year, and I love a chance at trying a new product without shelling out a fortune for it, so we accepted happily. We had two options, and both04.07.16 chose honeycomb. Man, there are very few flavours I love more than honeycomb, and with a great chocolate coating on the outside, it was magnificent! Not only that, but it was miniature, so it was just enough for me to taste, without freezing my lips off in the middle of a frosty Melbourne winter.  Just because I had someone to warm them up didn’t mean I wanted to freeze them off in the first place! We were off to a good start!!

Now to the movie, and in a word, it was magical. It’s a rom com but not in the laugh a minute to keep them interested kind of way. The comedic moments were beautifully placed, in a manner which supported the romantic plot, rather than interrupting it.

It’s about a young woman who, needing work, accepts a job as a carer for a quadriplegic man who’s all but given up on life, as it’s nothing like the fast paced and active lifestyle he lived prior to having his quadriplegia causing accident. He’s from a wealthy family, she’s from a struggling family, but it’s not quite as Romeo & Juliet as it sounds. For one thing, this is a modern day story.

I really wish that instead of just waiting for the movie to come out, I’d figured out that it was a book and had read it. I had no idea! And I love a good novel. But I didn’t. For details, head to

Instead, I only got the pleasure of watching it in a dark cinema, holding hands with a lovely man who loves a good rom com and who didn’t care one bit that my tears were soaking his sleeve. Oh and they did. He just kept holding my hand for as long as I needed it, and didn’t make fun of me. He really couldn’t, after he teared up in “Eddie the Eagle,” but it’s good he didn’t, nonetheless.

My only complaint about the experience wasn’t about the movie. It was to do with other patrons, and the lack of supervision by cinema staff. They came in and wandered around, but unfortunately, as they likely had to go and check other cinemas, they didn’t linger long enough to witness the regretful behaviour of some teenage girls sitting in the row behind us, who were far too immature for such a beautiful, romantic movie. Despite multiple shushing attempts by other cinema goers, and glares from me, they persisted in laughing, talking and making fun of some of the more poignant moments in the film. It made me wish that there was a ‘service’ button we could press at our chairs, or perhaps a number we could text, because there was no way we were going to be able to get them to quieten down. It’s a PG movie, and despite it definitely being a PG content movie, the theme was more mature than those girls could handle.

I managed to not let those girls ruin the film for me, and while I won’t go into more detail about the storyline, it truly is an excellent movie, and so worth seeing. I’d recommend taking someone supportive with you, as I did, or going on your own. I really wanted to immerse myself in the movie, and having the right person there helped me. If I’d been on a first date (as if), I wouldn’t have been in the same mindset, but being with someone I know and am comfortable with made all the difference.

As far as date venues goes, this was pretty good. Hoyts Broadmeadows can’t really be in control of the attitudes of their patrons, though it might be handy for them to be able to hang around a bit longer when doing their supervisory runs.

The ice creams were delish, and made the (always) exorbitant cost of snacks at the cinema much more bearable.

Definitely see the movie. Go on your own if you want to sink into it like a warm bath, or take a handsome man along with you, especially if he’s got a romantic soul in him like my date does. (More on him another time….)

Xx Kit

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2 Responses to “Me Before You @ Hoyts Broadmeadows: a hand holding movie if ever there was one”

  1. Kerry says:

    What a fantastic review Kit, I can’t wait to see this movie now…pity about the immature idiots however so nice you could cuddle up to your man who sounds adorable…cant wait to hear more about him!…..ahh Broady shopping square…takes me back 🙂

    • Kit says:

      Thanks Kerry, it really is worth making time to see this movie- but hopefully you’ll see it without the little, er, distractions.
      Oh yes, he’s definitely good to cuddle up to!! 🙂

      Xx Kit

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