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Irish pash for a hot chocoholic, Part two

on August 10, 2016

Earl and I kept in touch after our first date at Hophaus Bier Bar Grill, and a few days after that night, we decided to go out on a second date. I’m always one for trying to take full advantage of having someone to go somewhere with. As a single woman, it’s not always easy to find someone to go places with. I know I can go on my own, but things aren’t as enjoyable on their own as they are with company. And yes, I have friends, and yes I hang out with them. But even the most boring destination doubles, or maybe even triples in enjoyment, when you’re hand in hand with a guy.

So, when we decided to spend Sunday together, I let my fingers do the walking and I found a Hot Chocolate festival being held at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.  I’d heard about it on the radio and had instantly wanted to go, so when I googled and found that it started that day, I was ecstatic!! I suggested it and he was all up for it. It meant I had to drive to his place across town and then we planned to go together.

Now, usually, I don’t go to a guy’s house, certainly not if I haven’t met him. But I’d met this one before, as we’d had a dinner date, and as he lives nearer to the festival it made more sense than us driving there separately. So I didn’t mind so much, especially as it was supposed to be just a quick stop in to pick him up. I’m not saying I relished the idea, because I’m always a fan of safety first, and then there’s the awkwardness I feel, but I’d been keen for this festival and if I had to go to his place to get there, I was going to do it.

So I sent his address to Gal Pal so that she would know where I’d last been in case I went missing. Hey, it’s not likely to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone know where you are.

All was fine when I got to Earl’s. An easy kiss hello, and I felt super comfy with him at his place. He gave me a tour of his house. Why do guys insist on doing that? Feel free to answer this below, if you’re a guy!!  Even guy friends insist on giving me a tour when I first go to their house. They’re more house proud than women, I’ve found, and want to peacock about their earning power, potential and taste in decor, or so I think. I’m positive it’s to show off their ‘wealth’ and, more so, to show me where the bedroom is.

When the tour was finished, not surprisingly, at his bedroom, he ushered me down the hallway toward the lounge room. He did it with a hand on my back that felt so sexy. As he did, I made so10.08.16bme comment or other (so like me really, it was probably sarcastic as hell, but it was clearly a turn on for him) and suddenly he touched my ass. I turned around to playfully reprimand him and suddenly pre choc fest pash fest began. Interesting. And colourful too, as I was wearing a delish blend of 3 shades of pinky red lipsticks! By the time I came up for air (hello, nothing was getting in the way of my chocolate exploration!!) I looked like a cross between a 3 year old who’d gotten into her mum’s makeup collection, and a clown! And you know what, he did too!! God it was funny.

It was a lovely, cold but sunny winter’s day as he drove us to Yarra Valley to the Hot chocolate festival. If you’ve never been out that way, you should go for a drive. It’s beautiful and scenically green and so close to the city!! But when we got there, it seemed that everyone from Melbs h10.08.16aad had the same idea. We couldn’t move!! The car park was chockers, and though we managed to find a spot, we had to carefully walk through puddles and muddy pools to get to the building. And when we arrived, we found that some of the things we wanted to do were so crowded they were instantly ruled out. I’d wanted to buy a delish flavoured hot chocolate but, while they had stations set up outside and in, both queues were extremely long.

Instead, we wandered around the massive shop inside, and checked out our options from what was on display. They had all sorts there, including some of my faves, choc mint and choc orange. They also had soaps and other products but we weren’t quite sure if they were chocolate or just coco based. There was no way I was going to leave a chocolate festival without chocolate, so I bought some that I knew I’d enjoy at home by myself, and I bought him some too. Aren’t I nice?

As it was so crowded there, with about a zillion kids and their parents, we decided to split and find somewhere else for lunch.  I was disappointed it was so crowded, but the chocolate I brought home with me was absolutely divine, and the good thing was that I didn’t need to share it with a single snotty nosed kid, or anyone, for that matter!

For those interested in hitting the Hot Chocolate Festival, it’s on for the whole of August, so get into it!

I’m super keen to go back on a quiet day and really get to enjoy the hot chocolate. I had my heart set on it, and if the chocolate I brought home is any indication, it’ll be a hot cup of chocolatey heaven!!

Stay tuned for our lunch date; there’s more to follow…

Xx Kit

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