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Long weekend dump(lings) date

on September 1, 2016

Connor and I got talking online and had some decent chats. It’s not always easy to talk online, what with each person being busy with their lives. When we were both on, the conversation flowed easily, but we weren’t always on at the same time. I was away on holidays when we first got talking, and it turned out that he’d been in that town for work not long before that, so we had plenty to talk about.

But when I was back at home, the conversation died down. I was back at work, and he’d been working the whole time. Life gets in the way. I can always do it all, life, work, exercise, and of course, chatting to (seemingly) cute guys online. But guys aren’t as good at multitasking as I am.

I was just about to give up on him but thought I’d send him one last text.  That text resulted in him asking me for dinner that night.  It was a Sunday night, the night before a public holiday. Otherwise, I wouldn’t usually go out at such short notice, or on a Sunday, or with a guy who’d gone MIA.

By the afternoon’s end he’d booked a restaurant and I was on the train heading to meet him. He met me at the station. I’d only just asked him how we’d recognise each other, he sent me a pic of what he was wearing a01.09.16nd when he turned up a minute later I was like, “phwoar!!” Delish.

He complimented me straight away and then offered me water as we walked. I quipped that he was better than uber and we were off and running and only stopped laughing to eat and drink.

We went to a Dumplings place and got along really well, and comfy from the start.

A group of really cute guys came in (seriously, where are they usually? Like when I’m not on a date?) and I joked that they should sit near us so I’d have something to perve on when I’m talking to him, but when I tear my eyes away from his cute face and glance around the room, and that it’s lovely to have something else to perve on in those moments. He ate it up and went right along with it. Cute, and flirty. And I loved it. I don’t dig jealousy and I want any guy I date to know that even while I’m with him, I’m fully aware of those around me, and I’ll enjoy what I see. I don’t, however, explore those options.

I noticed a couple of times that we were mirroring each other’s body language. That’s always a good sign.  According to when people do so, it’s a “non-verbal way to say ‘I am like you, I feel the same’.” That just proved to me how comfy we were and how easy it was to be in each other’s company.

Connor has a gorgeous Irish accent which was lovely on the ears, and while we ate, he told me all about himself, his football, when he arrived in Australia and such. We had some fun chats and clearly wanted to get to know each other better, and as it was a public holiday eve, neither of us was in a huge hurry to go home, and at that point, I was very glad I’d taken a punt and gone out with him on short notice….

Xx Kit

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