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Long weekend Irish breakfast (part three)

on September 6, 2016

As mentioned in my two most recent posts Long weekend dump(lings) date and Long weekend drinks with an Irish Gilbert Blythe (Part two) I recently had a dinner date with an Irish guy called Connor. The dinner turned into drinks, a sleepover and then…. brunch.

He had a place that he liked to go nearby, Local Folk, so he drove us there. God knows how many chicks he takes there but I didn’t care. I was famished after a huge night of drinking, and having only eaten a heap of dumplings before that. So brunch sounded divine. Plus, I bloody love brunch!!

Check out this iced chocolate!! I’m not a coffee drinker, so to get a great iced choc gets me all excited, even if it was served in a jar!  06.09.16b

We sat outside the cafe in the morning sun and chatted more about our lives and got to know each other.

As we did, Connor said a few future things which concerned me, one in particular. I mentioned some renovations I should be doing to my house that would involve me moving out. He said I could move in with him. Huh? Why would I do that? A) as if! B) as bloody if! I’ve known you barely 12 hours, in person.  It’s a sweet suggestion, but don’t bother unless you would really follow through with it. Or at least, will follow through with a second date. Plus, he has a one bedroom apartment, and it was the closest thing I’d ever seen to what the British call a bedsit. It was tiny. I just laughed and said the cats would be coming too, thinking that would put him off, and you know what? He said, that’s okay, there’s the courtyard area for them. Pfft. Shut up mate, and keep your false promises to yourself.

He paid for our brunch, which was lovely of him, especially as I’d spent all my dosh the night before. I could have paid, at least for mine, but I sure did appreciate him taking care of it.

He brought me back to my car and then came to my house and we laid on the couch and watched telly. Again he fell asleep. I’m so not used to 06.09.16asleeping with someone, particularly a random. But it seems guys can sleep anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. The same goes for not sleeping… But as I said, that’s just not me these days.

I had plans for that night, and so did he. His phone kept ringing with a mate calling to arrange it (I saw it was a guy calling) and he kept ignoring the call. I wouldn’t have cared as I needed to get moving anyway, but he just stayed put. In the end, I had to give him the boot or I wouldn’t have gotten ready for my night in time- which was actually a date.

When I mentioned doing something another time he kinda went like, like what else? As if he couldn’t really imagine doing any more. I gently went down the date path but didn’t push it, sensing he wasn’t really going to be up for that.

On my way to my date, I decided I wouldn’t text Connor again because much as we had a great time, his attempts at a shag that I didn’t want, made me wonder if he’s genuine about a relationship. When we’d been texting, he’d been pretty clear that he did want someone to spend time with, and to enjoy our city with, but that wasn’t seeming true anymore. So I figured, that if I texted him first I’d never know if he was going to text me or not. And if he did text and invite me to dinner or something, I’d have a better idea that he was actually keen for more than a shag. He sure knew how to treat a woman on a date and I loved that, but if it went no further than the night we had, I’d just enjoy that one date and move on. No biggie.

I didn’t hear from him and I didn’t text him. A few days later though, it was St Patrick’s Day and I was keen to go out. My friends were all busy as it was mid week. My gal pal said, ‘fuck it, text him and see if he’s free, who cares who texts first?’ I really hadn’t wanted to, but facing a St Paddy’s night at home with the babies or a text which might get me out into the action, I texted him.

But he didn’t reply. At least, he didn’t reply until 1.15- AM. Oh well. We texted a little the next day but that was it. Fizzled.

It was a great date though, while on it, and I’m happy that after all the chatting over the preceding weeks, we finally got to meet. I’m cool with nothing coming of it. He clearly didn’t want a relationship, and I clearly didn’t want a fuck. Cute guy and good company.


Xx Kit

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