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Brave, Independent, Single Woman- getting it done

on January 18, 2018

See this thing?

Years ago, my ex husband bought it, and I laughed and laughed. I thought, what an idiot! Who would use that thing?

Well, yesterday, it was my saving grace. I’m terrified of spiders and I had to put my Christmas stuff and spare chairs back into the shed.

This week I’ve been going through all my things and deciding what to keep and what I don’t want.

I texted my sisters for support, and tucked my phone into my waistband.

So, when I put my gardening gloves on and opened the shed door, I realised, that job wasn’t finished. With the Christmas boxes out of the shed, I could see what was sitting in there already.

It’s a small shed, but it holds plenty. I come from a big family who grew up in a small house, and if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s pack stuff. And last year, my dad came over, and we put two clever heads together and packed it really well.

At the time, there were possessions which I wasn’t sure about. I wasn’t using them but I wasn’t ready to get rid of them, either.

But yesterday, with not many bucks in the bank, I thought, bugger it, they’re taking up space and it’s been years and I still haven’t used them. Do I really need a second tool kit? And what about that balance board I used to love but haven’t used in years?

It’s also hard rubbish time in my neighbourhood shortly, so I figured I could get rid of all the things which are so old I’ll never use- like the picnic chairs which had previously been left outdoors for too long. All this meant I had some work to do.

It was bloody hot yesterday, so apart from the risk of spiders which were terrifying me (though I couldn’t see any so far), the heat was going to keep me from staying in there too long.

Time restriction or not, I still had to get in there and do the job.

So I braced myself and grabbed a shovel that I could reach, and used it to grab this device. Then I used it, or the shovel, to reach for things or move them out of the way so that I could reach the next thing.

It probably wasn’t as fast as just going in there and picking things up, but I was able to lift or shove what I needed to. Picking up bottles of methylated spirits, and tins of paint put a strain on this device, but it worked!
And yes, I forced myself to go in and grab things. But I was like lightning!!

I really don’t know how everything fit in there before, but now it fits better and there’s space (which I seem to be craving this week), thanks to the stuff I pulled out. And lucky me, I had no encounters with live spiders. Woohoo!

Now I have to figure out how to sell this stuff, or it’ll all have to go on hard rubbish next month.

These are the types of jobs that single women have to do. We can’t just wait for someone to come along and do them for us- instead, we just have to do it. And I found a way to get it done. I’m proud of myself. Thank God I don’t have to admit to my ex husband that his idea was a good one.

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