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Anglers Tavern

This place has been a staple of the northern suburbs for a bloody long time. And, I have to say, it’s a place I’ve happily taken dates, or suggested for dates.

When the sun’s out, there are few better places to be than the beer garden of Anglers. It was completely overhauled a while back with some faux grass and fancy new furniture, and, now there’s even more space to enjoy. There are lots of big tables and small, benches and squared off sections for groups.  I can’t say these chairs were great on the back of my legs when I was wearing a dress (or the next time in shorts) but they look gorge, so I guess they achieved their objective.

Anglers overlooks the Maribyrnong River, and there’s plenty to see, even beyond the limits of the pub. Boats float by, runners, and lots of families use the surrounding areas.

But for dates, it’s perfect. I love to sit in the sun, and enjoy a casual beverage, and of course a parma! And, some days, they have a band play. They’re under cover usually, but the acoustics are so good that they can be heard all over, including outside.

And, even if you don’t have a date, it’s a great place to go and hunt for one. The young and beautiful of the northern suburbs convene at Anglers for a cider, and it’s known as the place to be seen.

I recommend you hit it soon!

2 Raleigh Rd, Maribyrnong


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