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French Saloon

If you’re a French cuisine aficionado, then I reckon you’ll love this place.

It’s chockers with French provincial wooden furnishings, and is tucked away on the first floor of a building in Hardware Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

From the window, I was able to see gorgeous fairy lights strung up along Little Bourke St, which added a magical touch. The toilets are beautifully old fashioned, with curved doors. But, beware, they’re unisex, and down 

There’s an extensive wine list and a menu which is far heavier on fish than I expected it to be. I’m neither a wine drinker, nor a fish eater. So, I was forced to eat steak- which I love. Unfortunately, the bar did not stock any of the drinks I like, despite them being considered top shelf by most bars, so I drank- shock of shocks- soft drink.

However, if you like French food, and plenty of wine, fish and cheese boards, you should go.

Check out their site below….


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