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George Jones in Pascoe Vale

I’ve been to George Jones twice now. Once with GP and once on a date. Both times we had great service and delish food.

Brekky with GP- a bit overpriced considering it’s in Pascoe Vale. I’m not sure that’s warranted, as it’s not exactly a hipster area. I don’t really know how all the families who were there can afford it, but good on them for doing so, especially when I don’t have a tribe to pay for and I thought it was a bit rich.

On the extremely positive side, what I ordered and paid for, I bloody well loved. I’m a huge bacon and eggs fan and they did it without bread! What the? Fantastico!! Less carbs and more of the good stuff. Delish! I also ordered a milkshake to go with it, and that was delish.

The next time I went there was for a dinner date and I chose it because I’d had such an amazing brekky there previously.

We got a booth this time, yay! I do love a booth. We both ordered burgers, and as always I amended mine. The waitress wasn’t sure if the kitchen would go for it, but they did, and again, I was muchas happy about it.

They serve cocktails and my drink, Galliano Vanilla, so I keep thinking I’ll need to head down there some night for a few drinks. Just have to find someone to go with…..

Their site boasts, “from the team at ‘Cheeky Monkey’ Richmond and the ‘Rubber Duck’ Clifton Hill,” so if they’re faves of yours, head to Pascoe Vale to try this eatery.

Pic courtesy of the site.

Check out the menu etc here:


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