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Longbeach Hotel, Chelsea, Victoria

This is the second year that Dad and I’ve had Father’s Day lunch at the Longbeach. He lives near there, and though it’s only our second Father’s Day, we’ve been there many times.

Usually I’ll go the parma, but I was hanging for vegies so I ordered the Roast of the Day. Sadly, it was chicken. I’m a huge chicken fan, but I reckon it’s a bit of a cheap, high quantity meat to serve on Father’s Day. When I go out, I tend to order something I don’t make at home, and chicken’s on the menu a LOT.

But, it was delish, as were the vegies, and the garlic bread with cheese. I always ensure we order that because it’s yummy.

Dad had the seniors’ calamari and it was huge!!!

The website shows lots of specials and offers, especially leading up to Spring Carni.

And, this pub is really near to the beach, so it’s an easy walk up from the sand for a cold one.

For details on where the pub is, check out Longbeach Hotel.




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