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Pascoe Vale Hotel

This place has been around for ever, and every few years they renovate.

Not too long ago, they renovated their beer garden, and it’s much bigger, with the requisite outdoor heaters. It’s in Melbourne, so yes, they’re essential!

In summer, they have musicians on a Sunday evening, which really livens up the area. There are very few places with live music as far north west as that, so it’s a good spot to enjoy a cheeky drink before you go back to work on Monday.

They also have a TAB in the bar and plenty of sport on the tv screens- both indoor and out- for those who are more sport inclined.

It’s a very community based pub. It has its fair share of bogans, but as with most bogans, they own it, and have hearts of gold. On one occasion that I was there, a guy was raising money for cancer and was shaving his head for donations. He had lovely long locks, and it was a huge sacrifice but it was well supported by all those present- whether he knew them or not.

It’s the kind of pub that gets behind the locals, and its patrons, and there are usually a few different sporting clubs represented on any given day.

The food is wholesome and plentiful, and the bangers and mash I had were delish! Plus, they stock my Galliano- in the public bar, no less!

It’s definitely worth hitting up on any day of the week.


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