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PJ O’Brien’s Irish Pub ~ Southgate, Melbourne

It’s set inside Southgate, which is, ironically, on the southern side of the Yarra in the CBD of Melbourne.

If you’re claustrophobic, it’s probably not the place for you. But if you like cosy, charming, and stepping inside what you’ve imagined a hobbit pub to look like, then this is perfect!

There are lots of areas tucked away for you to get to know someone, with privacy. Each area has a few tables and if you’re lucky enough to be there alone, well, you can talk in peace or have a cheeky pash. One of them is called the ‘Snug’ and it really is.

I’ve been in that situation, and I’ve been there when there’s been a gang of rowdy guys on the next table. That made it kinda difficult to learn about my date, but those guys had a blast!

Fortunately, there are plenty of spots to move to. The less private areas have sections with tables which can be moved together for groups, and other spots have high cocktail tables and rooms for functions.

There’s a stage and a dance floor, but the location of both isn’t flash. I don’t know what possessed them to put brick work on the floor in front of the dance floor, but they did. That might be okay for leprechauns in soft shoes, but women wear high heels! Irish dancers couldn’t jig on that floor! But, depending on what sort of date you’re on, that might not matter.

Also, just to the side a little, there’s a pillar with a table surrounding it. But it’s practically on the dance floor! The dance floor is tiny as it is, so why make it smaller! Stupidity.

The main downside to this pub is that access is on foot only. The nearest place you can park or be dropped off by your Uber or Taxi is around the corner. That’s kinda crappy on a rainy winter’s night, but the entrance to the arcade that leads right to the door of the Emerald Isle that is PJ’s.

The bar is well stocked, and it has my drink, so I’m able to put aside most of the other negatives I saw.


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