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The Mitre Tavern

Set in a tiny cobblestoned laneway between office buildings, this 181 year old (wowser!!) pub is one of Melb’s oldest watering holes. I’ve been there plenty of times with friends, for various occasions, but it’s at its finest in winter.

The old décor has been retained and if you have a good imagination, or drink enough, you’d think you were in ye olden times of England. There are lots of low doorways, nooks and crannies and private rooms- none of which I’ve seen yet.

Two sides of the exterior have seating areas. It’s mostly shady in summer, because of the surrounding buildings, and in winter it’s warmed by gas heaters.

If you’d like to get to know someone on a date, it’s a great spot. You can sit inside or out, and enjoy a drink or a meal, watch other people, and really have a good chat. Or you can find a cosy corner and maybe have a little quiet smooch.

The food is hearty and warm- lots of traditional meals. Defo worth popping in for a pint and a parma.

For more info, check out:

5 Bank Place, Melbourne.


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